9th December 2019

Why Choose Long Short Investing?

Higher returns
Lower volatility

Average market cap over $900 million

Competitive liquid alternative to private equity


Portfolio Managers: Daniel Niles
Type: Focused Multi-Sector Equity Long Short variable net
Vehicle: Onshore and Offshore

houseThe Satori fund is a conviction weighted long short equity fund that employs active risk management through variable gross/net exposure. Dan Niles has over 20 years experience in this space and uses a thematic approach with the largest exposure to high impact sectors. The fund has US focused with multi-cap exposure and which is supported by AlphaOne’s analyst team.

Portfolio Managers: Stewart Stecker
Market Cap: Global Equity Long Short in high opportunity sectors
Type: Onshore and Offshore

MountainThe Global Innovations is managed by Stewart Stecker and targets companies with in high opportunity sectors such as Technology, Media and Telecom. This is a high conviction portfolio. Stewart utilizes fundamental research both internally and externally driven. He also utilizes active risk management through his gross/net exposure driven by company/industry conviction.