20th January 2020

Portfolio Managers: Stewart Stecker
Market Cap: Global Equity Long Short in high opportunity sectors
Type: Onshore and Offshore

MountainThe Global Innovations Fund is managed by Stewart Stecker and targets companies within high opportunity sectors such as Technology, Media and Telecom. This is a high conviction portfolio. Stewart utilizes fundamental research both internally and externally driven. He also utilizes active risk management through his gross/net exposure driven by company/industry conviction.

Portfolio Managers: Daniel Niles
Type: Focused Multi-Sector Equity Long Short variable net
Vehicle: Onshore and Offshore

houseThe Satori Fund is a US focused, technology biased, large capitalization, long-short equity fund.  It uses individual company fundamental analysis augmented by technical and macro-economic analysis to generate a portfolio of typically 20-40 positions. Active risk management results in net exposure that typically ranges from minus 15% to plus 50% with gross exposure that is typically in the 100-150% range.  Our greatest strength is the ability to protect capital and generate profits during times of extreme market stress.