27th February 2020

Small Cap Value
Private Market Value approach to public equities.

Villanova Investment Management Company (“VIMCO”) was formed in 2016 by its two majority partners and principals, Rastislav (“Rasto”) Berlansky and Ed Trumpbour. VIMCO is an independent boutique investment manager with a sole specialized focus on the U.S.-traded small cap value market. We at VIMCO utilize a private market value approach to public equities in our efforts to provide preeminent investment results for our clients, who are viewed as true partners. Our investment philosophy and process are a testament to the conservative investment styles of our principals. Our primary conviction is that in order to provide strong absolute returns over an extended period of time, which should also lead to superior relative results, investing should be based on an owner-like mentality. We seek to identify undervalued higher-quality companies with solid balance sheets and strong free cash flow generation, while focusing on downside protection when constructing investment portfolios.